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Anneke's Haven - New Kennel For Homeless Animals

Anneke's HavenWe are proud to announce the opening of our new kennel for the pets of the homeless. St. Francis is the patron saint and protector of animals and at our dedication ceremony on February 23rd a Franciscan priest blessed each pet and the building which will shelter them.

While their human owners receive help from Loaves & Fishes – a meal, a shower, a housing referral - their dogs and cats will now have a new, safe, dry refuge of their own. The bond between these owners and their pets is especially strong. The unconditional love of a companion animal is especially valued by those who face homelessness and numerous other adversities.

The kennel will be named “Anneke’s Haven,” to honor Anneke Vos, the long-term volunteer who created our Animal Emergency Services Program. Also recognized was the Sacramento SPCA and Mercer Clinic, a collaboration between UC Davis veterinary students and area veterinarians, which provides medical care for the pets of the homeless at Loaves & Fishes.

Local photographer Anne Chadwick was at the ceremony and took some incredible portraits of our homeless guests with their pets. KCRA 3 also was on hand to cover the opening.

Anneke's Haven Anneke's Haven Anneke's Haven

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