November 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friend,

As we all prepare for Thanksgiving, one thought continually plays through my mind.

One of our younger guests praying before a hot meal.

Will there be enough?

Everyday, I see hundreds of men, women, and children forced to live on the streets of Sacramento. They come to me in search of safety, shelter, and food.

That’s why I’m sending you this letter. I’m Sister Libby Fernandez, Executive Director at Loaves & Fishes. And I need your help!

This Thanksgiving I expect to welcome close to 1,000 homeless and hungry men, women, and children into my dining room.

Will you join me and be a part of providing a wonderful feast for our guests; many of whom have no other family than the staff and volunteers at Loaves & Fishes.

Will you drop off a fresh turkey, canned yams, a bag of dinner rolls, or some fresh pies?

Our drop off center is open M-F 7am-3pm at 1351 North C Street. All the details can be found on our Thanksgiving Meal page.

No one should have to wander the streets of our city with no where to go and nothing to eat. Especially during the winter holiday months. If you can't drop off any food click here to make a donation online instead.

Let me tell you who you will be helping.

Louisa is a regular guest at Loaves & Fishes. She is very petite, very mentally ill and won’t answer questions or respond to even the gentlest greeting. She has, so far, resisted all staff efforts to get her mental health services or shelter, but she very quietly spends a great deal of time at our day shelter.

One of our guests enjoying the fresh flowers at Loaves & Fishes

Recently, she hand-delivered a sealed envelope containing $1.16 in coins to our service desk. The return address space said, “God is love.” It was addressed to “Administration, Maryhouse” and marked “For: Birthdays, milk, sewing class, clothing and info.” These are the simple things she most appreciates Loaves & Fishes for.

Because of you we are able to be here for Louisa and many others like her.

Without your help Louisa would have no safe and warm place to go during the day, she would have no daily home cooked hot meal to eat, and she would have no chance of one day sleeping with a roof over her head.

I need your help to make sure that Louisa has a safe and loving Thanksgiving.

Together we can make sure our brothers and sisters in need don’t have to worry about digging through garbage dumpsters for food.

I can’t imagine a Thanksgiving with no family, no food, and no-where safe to be.

One of our guests during a prayer service..

I know you are a caring member of our community. And, that it pains you just as it does me, to see people suffering.

That’s why I’m counting on you to partner with me and the work we do at Loaves & Fishes.

Please, make a donation online today. Let’s make sure no one goes hungry.

Love & Peace!

Sister Libby Fernandez Executive Director

P.S. Please help a vulnerable neighbor this Thanksgiving. There are people on the street right now. Please make your donation right away and I will put it to work immediately.


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