Christmas Meal

Share the gift of the Christmas season with our guests

1,000 guests can have a merry Christmas because of you!

Christmas can be an especially difficult time for our guests. Amid the season’s themes of family and community, the demeaning and uncertain nature of homelessness can leave our guests feeling all the more forgotten. Often they don’t have a family to celebrate with, a home to decorate, a present to give their children, or even a certainty that they’ll have enough to eat.

This is why our Christmas feast is so important. We share as much holiday joy as we can through a festively decorated dining room, wonderful meals, and smiling faces ready to serve our guests. The hearty meals and warm, welcoming dining room is a reminder to our guests that we see them, we care for them, and we will always be here for them.

You can be the reason our guests are thankful this holiday season. We need enough of the items below to feed a thousand people at Christmas.

Our Christmas shopping list for 1,000 guests

We cannot open our doors to so many needy men, women, and children without you. Here’s how you can help:

  • Give items from our Christmas dinner needs list by December 21st. Our warehouse is at 1351 North C Street in Sacramento, and is open from 7:00 am to 2:45 pm every weekday plus the extended holiday hours below.
  • Extended holiday hours for donation drop offs

  • Don’t have time to get the shopping done? Donate here or send a check to PO Box 13495, Sacramento CA 95813, and we’ll take care of the shopping for you. Less than $4 is all it takes to feed one of our guests a hearty, nutritious meal.
  • Start a Christmas food drive with your friends, coworkers, church or group members, and family. Many hands make light work!
  • List your business, church, or other organization as a Thanksgiving meal drop-off site to make it easier for your community to give. Call 916-637-2514 to learn more, and we will update our Holiday Collection Site Map with your location and the item(s) you are accepting.
  • On behalf of our staff, volunteers, and especially our guests, thank you so much for making our work possible!

    Call 916-446-0874 for more info

    Download our Christmas meal needs list
    Loaves & Fishes Christmas Meal

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