New Friendship Park

An artist's rendering of the new Friendship Park

Over twenty years ago we found we were serving many more poor and homeless people than we had ever imagined. They were waiting along 12th Street for the noon time meal for everyone to see. To give our many new guests a place of privacy and peace while waiting for their meal, we developed Friendship Park. The first Park was a small welcoming area near our dining room but we soon experienced more growth and a need to expand further. That change became the Friendship Park we know; for the next 23 years.

And the need has continued to grow.

In its years across the cul-de-sac from our campus, Friendship Park has become a place where kindness, dignity, unconditional love, and respect are offered to those who receive little of it elsewhere. We offer them a community, an opportunity for acceptance, and a chance to trust others in a safe environment.

The Park is a beacon of safety and comfort for Sacramento’s poor and homeless, a place of acceptance where our guests can begin to feel they matter, a first step toward understanding they deserve more from life then the streets can offer.

Now, many years later, Friendship Park has outgrown its present location. It will move across the street to the center of our 4 acre campus where there will be more physical space, clean bathrooms, gazebos and easier access to programs; where more space will provide a more peaceful and welcoming atmosphere. The change will also reduce Loaves & Fishes’ footprint near downtown Sacramento at a time when the city has targeted our neighborhood for revitalization and increased commerce.

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Improving Access to Basic Human Services

We believe all people, regardless of income, social status, or lack of home, should have safe, welcoming, and easy access to basic human services. We do this by welcoming everyone to our programs in a spirit of hospitality, safety, and cleanliness. The new Friendship Park will provide:

  • Safer access to basic human services by separating all foot traffic from vehicle traffic.
  • Cleaner facilities specifically designed for more efficient use.
  • A more welcoming atmosphere through beautification and strategic design of traffic flow.
  • Fully ADA accessible facilities for those with disabilities
  • Consolidation of Loaves & Fishes services on existing property allowing for better security, increased cost effectiveness, more effective outreach, and enhanced privacy.
  • Improved local community atmosphere through the beautification and lessening of foot traffic of the 12th street corridor.

Key Features

Friendship Park GazeboGazebos
The five gazebos situated around the park provide a sheltered place for guests to rest and interact. These shaded and covered areas have comfortable benches, tables, and chairs allowing our guests a safe place to create community.
Friendship Park Shade TreesShade Trees
Sacramento's scorching summers often leave guests sunburned and parched. No park would be complete without a canopy of trees bringing cool shade and peaceful serenity.
Friendship Park Service CenterService Center
The information and resource hub of the park. Here guests receive meal tickets, basic necessities, and personalized referrals. The private offices allow staff and volunteers to work with guests on a one-on-one basis.
Friendship Park Restroom FacilitiesRestroom Facilities
Having no home and no where to go, literally, is a constant struggle for our homeless guests. Our clean, fully stocked facilities meet the most basic of human needs with dignity and respect.
Friendship Park Bicycle RacksBicycle Racks
Getting from place-to-place is not an easy feat in Sacramento. Bicycle theft is a tremendous set back for our guests. A safe and monitored place to park ensures our guests can always get to their next appointment.
Friendship Park Memorial WallMemorial Wall
Often disconnected from family and friends, our guests who have died are remembered through memorial services at the Memorial Wall where their names are etched in stone never to be forgotten.
Friendship Park Storage LockersStorage Lockers
Family portraits, birth certificate, a pillow, and a change of clothes. Carrying all your belongings in a back pack or suitcase is exhausting and likely to get stolen. The storage lockers provide a safe place to keep valuables safe and secure.
Friendship Park Organic Garden BedsOrganic Garden Beds
Nothing beats the taste and nutritional value of freshly picked practically still growing organic vegetables. The organic garden beds are tended and maintained by guests and volunteers giving our daily salads a pop of seasonal freshness.

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