Providing food, warmth, and a path home
for homeless men, women, and children.

Thank you for helping us raise $94,535 for Big Day of Giving!

In a single day 438 of our generous donors helped us raise $94,535 - close enough to our goal to keep our programs stocked and ready for the summer. As housing prices rise and summers grow hotter, we welcome even more guests with greater needs and fewer options. Fortunately, our guests can depend on us for relief, steadiness, and hope every day because we can rely on you and our amazing community.

Thank you for donating, sharing our story on social media, and bringing your friends to our Suzie Burger event. Thank you for supporting us, and continuing to support us. Thank you for every time you tell a friend, relative, or colleague what Loaves & Fishes means to you - and what it means for the guests we welcome for survival supplies, community resources, and more.

Homeless Child
Women and children can find survival supplies and connections to resources in a welcoming, safe, encouraging environment.

Learn more about Maryhouse and Mustard Seed School.
Homeless Women
Our Dining Room serves a hot, hearty midday meal for up to 800 people every day. For many of our guests, this is their only connection to nutritious food.

Learn more about the Dining Room.
Homeless Men
We meet our guests and their needs where they are. Friendship Park brings together everything from survival supplies to local homeless services providers in one place.

Learn more about Friendship Park.

Donate to our life-saving programs here.

March for the homeless!

No Government Funds

Loaves & Fishes does not accept or solicit government funds. This policy allows us to meet our guests where they are, take their individual needs into account, and grow our programs to better support them. We are free to be a voice for homeless men, women, and children and when necessary stand up to government officials without fear of losing our funding.

This also means that we rely entirely on private and community support, so you literally make our work possible. Your support keeps nearly 1,000 daily guests from constant hunger, desperation, and despair. Together we can do BIG things for Sacramento's homeless men, women, and children.

Learn More about our No Government Funds policy.

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Celebrate a birthday, major milestone, or just a random Tuesday
by supporting Sacramento’s homeless men, women, and children.

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North C Street Stories

Get an inside look at Loaves & Fishes with our North C Street Stories,
an authentic behind-the-scenes look at our guests, volunteers, and staff,
as well as struggles and victories that happen on campus every day.

Loaves & Fishes helped Ron focus on finding housing and a job - and ending fourteen years of homelessness
Ron's Triumph
Despite Daryl’s Health, He Dreams of Boating
Daryl Dreams of Boating
North C Street Stories - Children sleeping outside: we need shelter.
Children sleeping outside: we...

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