Guests Creating Smiles at Friendship Park

Jessica and Felipe have been coming to Loaves and Fishes Friendship Park for quite some time.

“I’ve been coming to Friendship Park since I was 21 so that’s 1998, but it’s been off and on. Sometimes I’d have a home and then not…” said Jessica

“Yeah, I’ve been coming since 2001 so that’s 15 years,” stated Felipe.

They come to get coffee and breakfast in the morning, lunch tickets; Felipe can get a shower, and they like to talk to their friends in the park. But their favorite part about Friendship Park is coming to see the staff members, and they like making people laugh.

“I always make people laugh so they don’t cry,” added Jessica.

Felipe commented, “I like coming to play BINGO, fill out my football pool, (and hopefully win) and see the staff members.

Jessica and Felipe are seen almost every day at Friendship Park and we are so glad they’re here to spend time with our guests who could really use a laugh and a smile. We look forward to seeing them every day bright and early for coffee and breakfast.

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